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VRV IV an interview with design and service

In developing its new VRV IV, Daikin’s European Development Center has provided an overall answer to Europe’s varying geographical and climate conditions, while setting the standard for cooling and heating comfort. Icing on the cake: the VRV Configurator, which allows simplified configuration and commissioning. Product Development Engineers David Steen and Kevin Ampe of Daikin’s European Development Center and Mentor Alain De Lille of Daikin’s Service department comment on this revolutionary and pioneering total solution called VRV IV.

DAIKIN VRV IV setzt neue Maßstäbe

Die neue Generation der VRV-Technologie mit kontinuierlichem Heizbetrieb, variabler Kältemitteltemperatur für optimale Effizienz und dem VRV-Konfigurator für einfache Installation.

Heat pumps a winner: Daikin Europe N.V.’s net zero energy building project one year on

In 2010, Daikin Europe N.V. announced its intent to join forces with major European research institutes to develop economically feasible net zero energy building (nZEB) concepts based on heat pumps. A test nZEB was constructed in the Ruhr region of Germany, and at the end of February 2012, a balance was made of the building’s performance after one full year of use. The result: the building generated more energy than it used, while at the same time providing optimum comfort for users year round.

Recycelte Wärme

In Deutschland bleiben viele Wärmequellen ungenutzt – wertvolle Energie geht dadurch verloren. Dabei ist die Nutzung mittels Wärmerückgewinnung einfach und effizient.

DAIKIN Innovationen auf der Chillventa 2012

Auf der diesjährigen Chillventa in Nürnberg unterstreicht DAIKIN mit neuen Produkten und einem nachhaltigen Messestand aus unbehandelten und wiederverwendbaren Materialien erneut seine Vorreiterrolle im resourcenschonenden Heizen, Kühlen und Lüften.

Daikin’s VRV IV launch at industrial heritage venue huge success

In launching its 4th generation of VRV systems, Daikin Europe N.V. again set the standard for superior energy efficiency and comfort. Almost 500 installers, architects and HVAC consultants from more than 44 countries celebrated the launch of Daikin’s new VRV IV on 24 May, in the year of VRV’s 30th anniversary.


Unser Motto 2012 lautet: „Zeichen setzen – Wärme pumpen". Es ist ein selbstbewusstes Statement, das Ambitionen und Engagement einer ganzen Branche auf den Punkt bringt.

New Daikin ‘EWAQ~E-/F-’ multiple scroll chiller range offers maximum efficiency and largest single refrigerant circuit on market

Daikin Europe N.V. announces the new ‘EWAQ~E-/F-’ multiple scroll chiller range designed for absolute energy efficiency, including versions with a Eurovent Class A rating. The new range also boasts very low sound levels, reduced footprint and easy installation. It is compatible with the most common BMS protocols, and has the largest single refrigerant circuit presently available on the multi-scroll chiller market, making it the ideal solution for a broad range of comfort and process applications.

VRV IV sets the standard all over again

Get ready for a new generation of Daikin innovations… Daikin sets the standard yet again with the 4th generation of VRV. VRV IV achieves a new benchmark for efficiency, as it features major enhancements to the already industry-leading VRV solution. VRV IV offers three revolutionary innovations: variable refrigerant temperature, continuous heating on heat pump and the VRV configurator for simplified commissioning. The new VRV IV heat pump units are being launched officially in May 2012 and will be available to buy from October 2012, with the heat recovery units becoming available in March 2013.

Daikin Air Conditioning Netherlands acquires Service & Maintenance Company

Capelle a/d IJssel, March 19, 2012 --- Daikin Air Conditioning Netherlands, a 100% subsidiary of Daikin Europe N.V., headquartered in Oostende/Brussels, Belgium announced an agreement with the principal shareholders to acquire 100% of the shares of ServiceNed, with its office in Lelystad. ServiceNed’s core activity is the service and maintenance of chillers and applied cooling equipment in the Dutch market, amongst others specialising in data-room applications.

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